Form 1221

Form 1221 Australia.

What is this form for?

Form 1221 – Additional Personal Particulars is an Australian immigration form that is used to gather additional personal and background information about visa applicants. This form is required for all visa applicants who are over 16 years of age and are applying for certain visa subclasses.

The purpose of this form is to provide the Australian government with more detailed information about the visa applicant, including their employment history, education background, travel history, and criminal history, if any. This information is used by the government to assess the applicant’s eligibility for the visa, and to determine whether they pose a security risk to Australia.

Form 1221 must be completed and submitted along with the visa application. The form can be downloaded from the Australian Department of Home Affairs website, and it must be filled out completely and accurately. Any incomplete or inaccurate information may result in the visa application being delayed or denied.

It is important to note that the information provided on Form 1221 is subject to verification by the Australian government, and any false or misleading information could result in serious consequences, including the cancellation of the visa and potential legal action. Therefore, it is important to provide truthful and accurate information on this form.

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