Form 1229

Form 1229 is an Australian immigration form used for Consent to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years. This form is used by a parent or legal guardian of the child who is applying for an Australian visa to provide consent for the child to travel to Australia and stay in the country.

Form 1229 Australia.

How to fill in the form?

The Form 1229 requires the parent or legal guardian to provide their personal details, the details of the child, and the details of the visa application. The parent or legal guardian must also indicate whether they consent to the child traveling to Australia, and whether they agree to certain conditions such as the child not being able to work while in Australia.

The Form 1229 must be signed and witnessed by an authorized person, such as a justice of the peace, before it can be submitted as part of the visa application process. The completed form can be submitted online or in paper format, along with other required documents.

It’s important to note that if both parents/guardians of the child are alive and have legal custody, then both of them must sign the Form 1229. If one parent has sole legal custody of the child, then that parent must provide evidence of their legal custody along with the Form 1229.

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