Form 54

Form 54 family composition PDF.

What is this form for?

Form 54 Family Composition is a document used by the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs to gather information about the family members of a person who is applying for a visa to Australia. This form is typically used for family stream visas, such as Partner visas or Child visas.

The form requires the applicant to provide details about their immediate family members, including their spouse or de facto partner, children, and any other dependents. The applicant will also need to provide information about each family member’s age, relationship to the applicant, and current country of residence.

The purpose of this form is to help the Australian Government determine whether the applicant’s family members meet the eligibility requirements for the visa, and to ensure that the family members are included in the visa application process.

It’s important to note that the information provided on Form 54 will be used to assess the visa application, and any false or misleading information could result in the application being refused or cancelled.

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