Form 80

Form 80 PDF

Form 80 “Personal particulars for assessment including character assessment” is a document used by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs for the purpose of assessing the character and suitability of individuals who wish to migrate to or remain in Australia.

The form requires applicants to provide detailed information about their personal history, including their education, work experience, family members, and previous residences. In addition, applicants are required to provide information about any criminal convictions or charges, as well as any involvement in military or paramilitary organizations.

The purpose of the character assessment is to ensure that individuals who are granted a visa to enter or remain in Australia are of good character and are not likely to pose a risk to the Australian community.

It is important to complete Form 80 accurately and honestly, as any false or misleading information provided on the form can result in visa refusal or cancellation. Applicants may also be required to provide additional information or evidence to support their application, such as police clearances or character references.

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