Form 956A


Form 956A is used by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs to appoint or withdraw an authorized recipient for a visa or citizenship application. An authorized recipient is someone who is authorized by the applicant to receive information about their application and to act on their behalf in relation to the application process.

The form requires the applicant to provide their personal details, such as their name and date of birth, as well as the details of the authorized recipient they wish to appoint or withdraw. The authorized recipient may be an individual or an organization, such as a migration agent or lawyer.

The applicant must sign the form to indicate their consent to the appointment or withdrawal of the authorized recipient. If the authorized recipient is a migration agent or lawyer, they must also sign the form to indicate their acceptance of the appointment.

It is important to ensure that the authorized recipient is trustworthy and has the necessary skills and knowledge to act on the applicant’s behalf. The appointment of an authorized recipient can be revoked at any time by submitting a new Form 956A to the Department of Home Affairs.

It is recommended that applicants seek professional advice from a registered migration agent or lawyer before appointing an authorized recipient to assist with their visa or citizenship application.

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